Paracord Weapons

Disclaimer: All of these weapons are exactly what they are called, weapons. As such, they are capable of injuring or killing someone if they are not handled properly. Always make sure that all people, pets, and property are a safe distance away from the operator of the weapon. Young children should always be supervised when they are using these weapons.

Paracord Sling

In the hands of an expert, a sling is an excellent tool for recreation or hunting. This paracord sling will take some practice to master, but the satisfaction of hitting your target is a great reward for this diligence.

Coloration: Woodland Camo

Cordage: ~12'

Paracord Bolas

The bolas was an early American Indian weapon used to hunt birds before shotguns were invented. When thrown, the different strands spread out due to the weighted knots on the end of each strand. These knots also cause each arm to wrap around whatever they hit. The bolas is a fun weapon to practice with because of the interesting behavior it exhibits. I strongly suggest purchasing a bolas that has at least one strand that is brightly colored. This bright color will be easy to spot among the leaves, rocks, or grass that the bolas happens to land in.


1st Color: Black

2nd Color: OD Green

3rd Color: Neon Orange

Cordage: ~27'